We Are A USDA Licensed Breeder

Sweet Joeys


Teaspoon of Sugar has been raising sweet and lovable joeys since 2010. All of our joeys are hand tamed and held at least once a day. We also strive to have the tamest and sweetest parents as well so they are sure to produce some loving little joeys.

Beautiful Colorings


All of our joeys come from amazingly colored parents and lines. We breed for every color but Albino at the moment and all of our babies come from stunning lines! All of our joeys also have beautiful fur coats! We try our hardest to produce beautiful babies!

Amazing Pedigrees


All of our joeys and parents have absolutely great pedigrees! Every one of our joeys are lineaged and have under a 3% COI. All of our joeys are listed online and so are all of their parents and siblings to make it easiest as possible to pair your joey to a possible mate!

Great Service


We strive to have a very close relationship with all of our customers. If you are buying a joey from us, we can even video chat with you and show you your little ones or do easy interviews! Please contact us with any questions you may have!